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Thank you for your interest in joining the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners!

The National Association of Climate Resilience Planners (NACRP) is a multi-stakeholder, peer-learning resource, and referral network, including grassroots, frontline community groups, facilitators, and partners that fosters effective, place-based climate resilience planning and implementation, by which we actively cultivate a community of practice of the Community-Driven Climate Resilience Planning Framework on a national scale. The association is dedicated to advancing the practice of community-driven planning through: continued development and dissemination of  the Community-Drive Climate Resilience Planning Framework; endorsements to aligned organizing and political advocacy platforms and calls to action; sharing on-the-ground experience and people’s plans, tools, resources, and training; regular peer-to-peer learning and in-person gatherings; and a program to credential and promote community-driven planners rooted in frontline communities. The People’s Climate Innovation Center and Facilitating Power currently hold the planning and staffing of the NACRP with the guidance of Advisors made up of NACRP Founders. 

Benefits of Membership:

As this network continues to grow, membership benefits such as trainings, certification, and resources are also evolving in order to meet the larger network needs and opportunities. In 2022, we will be building out the NACRP website to feature more examples of community-driven planning, member profiles, a resource library, and a mechanism for contacting facilitators who are credentialed with the NACRP.

Membership to the NACRP includes:

  • Quarterly applied practice peer calls to engage in cross-community strategy and learning
  • Monthly communications related to community-driven planning and facilitation opportunities/RFPs
  • Access to a listserv of NACRP members
  • Training/workshop opportunities, and invitation to a bi-annual gathering.
  • A voice in the direction, collective actions, and endorsements of the NACRP

What is Community-Driven Planning?

Community-driven planning is about self-determination for Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. More capacity in our communities to develop our own solutions and plans is what’s needed to replace the exclusionary practices of top-down planning. The engine of community-driven planning includes three interconnected practices:

  1. VISIONING: Community vision is about defining for ourselves what it is we want to build together as a community, as opposed to accepting the vision that is set for us by profit motives. Facilitative leaders create space for communities to expand our understanding of what’s possible, and orient ourselves towards what’s needed for the next seven generations.
  2. SOLUTIONS DEVELOPMENT: Community-driven solutions development starts with communities coming together to assess community threats and assets. Based on this analysis, facilitative leaders support groups to develop, or identify, solutions that match their community’s own unique experiences and get at the root causes of the crises we face.
  3. POWER BUILDING: No community-derived solutions or plans can move into action without community power. It takes political, economic, and cultural power to assert community priorities and ensure they are resourced and implemented. Many of the same power-building strategies and tactics that are used to stop harmful practices can be drawn on to advance transformative solutions.

NACRP Membership Commitments:

  1. I affirm that climate solutions must be rooted in community priorities that flow from a vision of resilience and solutions based on a community’s unique experience and understanding of the challenges they face. 
  2. I affirm that I will work towards building capacity for community voice and power to get climate solutions (including health, food, water, energy, transportation, land-use, housing, and economic opportunity), regardless of size or scale, to be designed by and for communities, resourced, and implemented.
  3. I affirm that when climate resilience planning processes are conducted without community capacity to vision and build power, they can become empty investments and promote short-term or false solutions. 
  4. I affirm that I will support, promote, and facilitate when needed, culturally relevant, democratic processes that meaningfully engage vulnerable and impacted communities in defining and building climate resilience.
Join the National Association of Climate Resilience Planners!

In order to support NACRP member activities and member commitment, we have a range of accessible annual membership fees and ask that new members select the range that best reflects their current membership level.

NACRP membership can either be as an individual or as an organization. In the case of an organization, NACRP recognizes the organizational entity as a member including anyone representing that organization. 

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